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Why not celebrate your Easter egg hunt this year with something special? Try hunting your “egg” with the aid of a map and compass (headlamps too!) #joinus over the Easter weekend as we launch the first Singapore Orienteering League event with a series of 3 urban races to showcase the visibility and maze-like feeling of our housing estates.

All athletes will be ranked according to their race position and the total point score will be added up to the overall league points. No prior experience is needed to be part of this league event!
#orienteeringsg #sundayfunday #gooutside #teamsingapore
Any sport without a proper ranking league will not drive the athletes for higher excellence. This year we aim to launch the first Singapore Ranking League to do just that and for even more runners to be a part of us!
On 19th-21st April, it will be the first ranking event for the year and all participants will be ranked according to their final positions over the 3 days of racing. More details will be available via the link in the bio page — Stay tuned there and mark the date!
#orienteeringsg #gooutside #teamsingapore #orienteering