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Our Partners



Timekeeping solutions for almost any kind of leisure and adventure sports. SPORTident offers a comprehensive system solution for timekeeping in outdoor sports.


The system is both flexible and easy to use, adapting to a wide range of different sports and requirements while giving you the confidence that timekeeping will just work. The hardware is small, light-weight and durable, making for comfortable, worry-free handling.

SPORTident System can help to achieve your event timing needs. 



Mangostin offers educational outdoor games that ignites the motivation to move and learn to unlock physical and learning potentials in all of us. We are proud to contribute to the new teaching and learning framework outside of the classroom.

We also believe that key ingredients to this success are a blend of fun games, physical activities, learning by doing, rich interactions between players, with a zest of screen-less technology and cognitive psychology



GardenAsia is a nature-based events company that creates distinctive and holistic experience by integrating her venues to suit the specific human nature of her clientele.

GardenAsia’s portfolio offers a comprehensive array of services: events and venue management, dining experience (in-house Bistro), farmstay, Green workshops and leisure activities, as well as Edutainment via their eco ambassadors Titoy & Morchoo.

Osportz is a partner with GardenAsia in the curation of their nature themed outdoor events.


Orienteering Federation Singapore (OFS)

Orienteering has its presence in Singapore back in 1977 when the Swedish Orienteering Federation was on a promotional tour and made a stopover in Singapore. After the event, the Swedish Orienteers felt that Singapore had good potential to do Orienteering and helped to start the sport here in Singapore. Then in 1978, the Orienteering Federation of Singapore was established. The high life of OFS was short-lived as the rapid development of Singapore's economy saw the privatised of many land space into roads and buildings. Many green spaces were lost and coupled with the government's focus on an information economy, the sport slowly lost its interest and was shelved aside into the archives.

To many Singaporeans, the knowledge to combine navigation with trail running is mainly unheard of. The OFS was reestablished in 2014 as the governing authority in the development and promotion of the sport. The Orienteering Federation of Singapore (OFS) aims to:


- Promote and Educate the public in Singapore about Orienteering as a sport.
- Develop a set of standardise coaching and competition guidelines to put Orienteering on par with the levels of the other national sports.
- Train and Build a competitive team for National representation in International Orienteering event.
- An Opportunity to care and contribute back to the community.

If you are interested in learning a new sport and want to pick up Orienteering, contact us at or find us on

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