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About Us


Our Vision


Osportz is committed to using innovative and reliable solutions to provide high-quality outdoor sports and adventure services and products, promoting active and experiential learning for individuals and organizations.

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Our Mission


Osportz's mission is to inspire active outdoor exploration and learning through innovative and reliable solutions, promoting physical activity, teamwork, and personal growth.

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Our Vision
Our Mission


What We Do


Osportz prioritizes the safety of its participants and staff. This means providing appropriate safety equipment, thorough safety briefings, and risk assessments for all activities. Osportz also ensures that all staff members are trained in emergency procedures and are prepared to respond in case of an emergency.


Adventurous Spirit

Osportz encourages a sense of adventure and exploration. Programs are designed to challenge participants and ignite their adventurous spirit, fostering a love for outdoor activities and pushing their limits to discover new experiences and capabilities.



Osportz believes that outdoor activities should be enjoyable and engaging. Programs are designed to be fun and engaging for participants, with activities that are age-appropriate and designed to build confidence and teamwork skills. This can include games, challenges, and other activities that are designed to be both fun and educational.



Osportz programs are designed to be educational and enriching. This means providing opportunities for participants to learn new skills, develop teamwork and leadership skills, and gain a greater understanding of the natural environment.



We embrace technology as a means to enhance our programs and services. We leverage the latest technology, such as our partnership with Mangostin, to deliver innovative solutions that make learning and time-keeping easier and more efficient.


Youth Development

We are committed to fostering the personal and social development of young people through outdoor activities. Our programs are designed to help participants build self-confidence, leadership skills, and a sense of responsibility and respect for themselves and others

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