Fairfield Primary Boys Brigade Orienteering

Osportz collaborated with Fairfield Primary School in helping their Boys and Girls Brigade run a series of Orienteering lessons as part of their students’ Outdoor Education Lesson.

These lessons were planned in succession over a series of 4 weeks after class. Each lesson plan was structured based on a series of progression from one to the other.The first lesson was held within the school compound which involved the basic understanding of cardinal marks and map reading using an adapted Orienteering circuit. In the next lesson, the students are tested on the knowledge that they have learned on a bigger running area with gentle sloping terrain. In this lesson, the map also evolved to include elements that are on the ground.

The third lesson moved onto West Coast Park which is relatively hilly terrain and students have to read the map in order to navigate because at this juncture – they can no longer see the checkpoint ahead as it is now blocked by trees and other objects. In this lesson, they are also taught pacing as an important skill for calculating distance.

All of the 3 lessons so far are in preparation for the last lesson which is an actual Orienteering sequence based race around the area of West Coast Park. This final lesson would test them on their ability to put everything that they have learnt together in navigating their own way out to the finish line.

In all, the boys and girls not only enjoyed the outdoor environment, they also strengthen the intangible measures of Team communication and bonds.

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