Meet The Team

Sebastian Wong (Director)

Sebastian has over 10 years experience working in the area of youth development and experiential learning via education, service and military sectors.

Prior to setting up Osportz, Sebastian was part of an outdoor education department in leading expeditions and teaching essential life skills to students in an international school in Singapore. Prior to that, he also held the position of Operations Manager in Singaporeʼs first tree top adventure course (Forest Adventure).

Sebastian’s outdoor career started in Outward Bound (OB) Australia where he was inspired by a staff culture for safe, fun and enriching learning experience. Subsequently, his passion for personal development growth grew when he was working overseas at regional OB centers –  Australia and Hong Kong, embracing OB philosophy “there is more in us, than we think we can”

Working overseas provided him the experience not just being able to work with people from different culture but to be able to influence, gain trust and respect, coupled with his self-motivation, desire for achievements and out-going traits are key to his personal success.