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Osportz Pte Ltd is the rights owner of the SPORTident brand in Singapore. We are also an authorised distributor for sales in the region.

SI-Timekeeping done right – make the most of your sport!

Adventure Sport Timing Solutions

If you are an organiser looking to plan an outdoor sport event – this will be the timing solution for you! 

Consider an event outcome where there is no need to arrange any complicated power set-up for your timing sensors, and where results are stored directly on the runners chip (Active-RFID). Both advantages work to reduce the workload on the ground and piece of mind for all participants. 

SPORTident is a unique timekeeping system solution that was originally developed for the sport of orienteering. However given the global rise of outdoor sports, it has been a favourite by organisers for its efficiency and accuracy. MTB Enduro, Trail Running and Multi-Sport Adventure races have their sport centred around the use of the SPORTident system. 

Why SPORTident?

  1. Scalable — The possible number of checkpoints and identification of participants is highly scalable from the local school sports carnival to a high level international event. 
  2. Robust — The devices run on their own internal battery without a need for external power sources 
  3. Easy to Mount / weather-resistant — The devices are easy to mount (possible to be done by 1 staff member) and can be attached to an existing structure or an improvised standalone structure. Most intermediate devices are able to withstand the elements of weather.
  4. Fast Result Generation — Data is computed immediately when the runner checks out of the system and data can be screened to a html site / big screen display or exported to an excel/csv file. 


To start the time, racers simply “wear” their timing keys on their finger (or wrist), reset the data in the key and they are ready to go! 

Upon arrival at each of the checkpoint, racers punch in / hover at the hole on the station. An electronic beep and blinking LED provides the instantaneous audio and visual feedback that their data is recorded. 

Racers repeat the same action for the other checkpoints on their route and of course, a sequence needs to be followed to determine pass/fail.

Watch the video below to learn more! 

Our SPORTident timing key (SI-key) is essentially an extended data memory stick.

The sporty and sleek design of the SI key allows racer to strap it to their index finger (recommended) and allowing the racer to perform an electronic punching as they check in at control points. Data of visited control points are stored in the SI-key and evaluated at the end of the race. 

All SI-keys are weather resistant and lightweight. They can be immersed in water and weigh no more than 15g. 

Colourful SI-keys to be used with an attached elastic strap. 30 punches limit.

Colourful SI-key card to be used with an attached elastic strap. 20 punches limit.

Colourful SI-keys to be used with an attached elastic strap. 50 punches limit.

The SPORTident Stations are designed to be 100% waterproof and lightweight, hence the ability to be placed at multiple locations in all terrains. All stations also run on their own battery and clock time.

At the end of the race, racers will get an instant printout of result of the checkpoints visited with an analysing split timing.

Time keeping can never be easier through the implantation of SPORTident system!

Lightweight and weather proof checkpoint stations

Result Tabulation at the end of the race

Sample Printout analysis

The SPORTident Air + System is a new punching system specially designed for fast moving adventure sport such as MTB Enduro, Trail Running. Racers are just required to come within effective range of the station to capture their data. This range is kept at between 1m to 3m to ensure accuracy.

This Air+ system has its own product line and timing key – the SPORTident Active Card (or SIAC). The SIAC works almost like any other SPORTIdent key, except that is has both direct and contactless punching option.

There is also the added option of extending the range to be 9m for finish gate functions (where more racers are coming through together).

The SPORTident SIAC cards. Comes in assorted colours

SPORTident Air+ Timing Set. Comes with new beacon stations with effective range of 1-3m

SIAC when worn on a rider for MTB

The Sportident System

Orienteering Race at Pulau Ubin