Team building in a corporate world is a process that develops cooperation and teamwork within a work unit. Through activities known as team building exercises, individuals can practice brainstorming, collaboration, creativity, trust and feedback. Most of these activities focus on areas such as problem-solving, organizational development, and conflict resolution. Participants can also develop leadership, interpersonal, presentation, and negotiation skills.

Osportz utilize Loquiz which is a mobile based interactive scavenger hunt app.A gamification platform where we can curate interesting, fun and engaging video task, trivial question, activity station, break the code and most importantly, curating company related question to reinforce company values and mission. We infuse navigational skills, outdoor/indoor adventure, and team learning challenges into a effective team cohesion session.

We partner with Teambuilding Asia @ Garden Asia to provide a countryside teambuilding experience.

A fantastic FUNFIT program where your staff will learn a new skill, discover a new park and keep fit in the process. A series of evening orienteering event can provide corporate with flexible and yet consistency for a team cohesion session. A great addition to current corporate wellness program.

If you are looking for Outdoor adventure cohesion and would like to Osportz to customize City race, food hunts or an evening corporate Orienteering experience, contact us cater to your needs and demand for your next corporate cohesion session.

GO Race @ Garden Asia

Downtown Adventure Race