Core Values


Compass, an essential tool for navigation through unfamiliar ground. Using “COMPASS” as our core values, firstly to establish our alignment and seek out our direction.

COMMITTED – At Team Osportz, our word is our bond. Our commitment to customer satisfaction is important to our business. Seeking the right balance between Expectations and Execution is what we do.However, The trail doesn’t just stop there because in the outdoors, everything big or small is a learning lesson. Our commitment is also to Value-add our clients with these lessons that can be drawn.

OPENNESS – We encourage open communication and interaction. This creates an environment that is not only pleasant to be working in, but also one that can stimulate growth and the creation of new innovations. This culture of Openness doesn’t stops within the company and is extended to all partners that we work with. Great ideas do not come from the work of a single individual but the work of a collective nature.

MASTERY- At Osportz, we constantly strive for excellence. This does not stop in simply doing the sports that we do, but a constant quest of knowledge in understanding the inner workings of the activity. It is only through the full understanding of the activity can be deliver a 100% client satisfaction.

PASSIONATE – Being Passionate enables us to love the sports that we do. In return, this puts us in an unique position and motivation to ensure its growth. We do not just do the sports, but also are active players and contributors to its growth.

ATTENTIVE – We listen and understand your needs in order to be in an optimum position in the evaluation of your expectations. By that also allows us to be effective in customising a training program for you. Being attentive also means maintaining a strong sense of awareness to the changes in the surroundings. As a provider who works closely in the outdoor setting, slight changes in the surroundings or one individual can result in major changes to the group dynamics and direction. Thus, at Osportz our key role is inculcating that strong sense of awareness.

SAFETY CULTURE & SPIRIT OF ADVENTURE – By combining our last two letters together, it symbolises the importance of having a Spirit of Adventure not without the lack of awareness of safety. As much as we want to explore, the importance of risk calculation are in tandem with one another. At Osportz, we ensure that all our activities meet international and local safety standards so that our clients can have a peace of mind while exploring.