O Timing

O Timing

Adventure Sports Timing Solutions 

If you are looking at organising an outdoor sport event with a need to measure times and to monitor if competitors have passed several control points – you are invited to test out how SPORTident can reduce your work load and enhance the experience for your participants. SPORTident supports the whole event life cycle – from preparation to the end of your event.

What is SPORTident 

SPORTident offers a unique electronic timekeeping solution to your labour-intensive manual time keeping, significantly reducing the organiser workload, and ultimately increasing organiser’s efficiency.

SPORTident is configurable and easy to mount and use. An interested organiser can manage the system by himself. SPORTident offers comprehensive support in preparation, execution and evaluation of the events. SPORTident is the organiser’s choice in hundreds of events in more than 60 countries every month.

How it works

Each racer will be equipped with a SPORTident key, an extended data memory stick. The sporty and sleek design of the SI key allows the racer to strap it to their index finger and enables the racer to perform an electronic punching in of their timing as they check in at SPORTident stations. SPORTident Stations are designed to be 100% waterproof and lightweight. They are also lightweight enough to be easily placed at multiple locations and in all terrain.

At the end of the race, racers will get an instant printout of their results. Tabulating the overall results and analysing split timings have never been easier through the implementation of SPORTident system.

Based on the extremely energy-saving micro controller and a strong lithium battery, the SPORTident-Station works for at least 3 to 5 years without battery replacement and is maintenance free.

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*Osportz Pte Ltd is the authorised distributor and Rights owner of the SPORTident brand in Singapore.